The safety of consumers is paramount in the food industry. Currently consumers are protected by the implementation of Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) that provide guidelines for the safe production of the produce that we all consume. There are elements that lead to produce contamination that cannot be controlled by the producer, such as soil contamination of leafy products and products such as melons, strawberries that are in contact with the soil. Also all produce can be exposed to birds and other wildlife that can transport infectious organisms to produce in the field.

Current industry practices provide a washing and sanitizing steps to reduce cross contamination of produce during sorting and packaging. However, food borne infections are often “spike” events where a small amount of produce has high levels of contamination associated with it. The current commercial practices are not able to reduce the contamination to safe levels. In addition, the packed produce is susceptible to infection as current packaging does not provide an effective barrier from contamination from other sources during distribution. During the distribution process, the food borne pathogens continue to grow to infectious levels.


The iFood Packaging System has built in a number of strategies to keep the produce safe from food borne infections. Our system uses the best sanitation practices available. Once packed in the iFood System packaging the produce is protected from recontamination as it is completely sealed within the container. In addition, the modified atmospheres created within the system significantly reduce and retard to growth of yeast, mold and bacteria present on the produce. Management of the humidity levels within the container also reduce the ability of food pathogens to grow. Our system also provides the ability to keep the produce fresh, as just picked condition by preventing the development of off odors and flavors.

You can trust that product packed in the iFood Packaging System will be the freshest and safest produce you can buy!


The iFoods Solution

The IFS Modified Active Atmosphere Packaging (MAAP) technology enhances food safety and security in the commercial cool chain through the implementation of several proprietary strategies.

  • Our sealed container protects your produce from contamination from contact with other produce, contaminated water, and or air
  • Produce can be packed in IFS boxes at a more mature stage making it less susceptible to microbial degradation
  • Our technology provides exceptional temperature control. IFS packaging allows for re-cooling of the product after a temperature abuse event
  • Excess moisture is removed from packing (hydro-cooling), cooling (condensation from cooling air) and produce respiration. Removing excess moisture maintains product quality and reduces loss of product resulting from decay
  • The IFS sealed container is tamper evident, adding a level of safety in the chain