IFS will continue to work with key NGOs (Non-Governmental Institutions) on how to tackle the global crisis of hunger. Many regions need fresh fruits and vegetables supplied to the people struggling to make ends meet. Many of the organizations ship a tremendous amount of supplying canned food, rice, bread, etc…to these areas.  With the collaborations of IFS and key NGO’s, fresh food could reach all areas of the struggling world. These include:

The IFS system adds significant value to the produce to be soldand reduces the costs associated with transport and productloss due to shrinkage and decay. Within the produce value chain,the beneficiaries of the integrated IFS system will be:

  • The UN World Food Program, (WFP) – Rome
  • UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) – Rome
  • UN International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) – Rome
  • USAID – Washington, World Bank (WB) – Washington
  • Export-Import Bank (EXIM) – Washington
  • Clinton Global Initiative – New York
  • Global Sustainability Fund – County Mayo