A pear like fruit with a seed in the center, with bright yellow skin.  This fruit can be eaten fresh or cooked.  The fruit has a relatively short shelf life.  However, with the use of iFood boxes, the fruit can be stored at 0-1 °C for up to 28 days without quality deterioration.


As the peach season progresses different varieties are harvested.  Several varieties have been packaged in the iFood box and includes the cultivar Elegant Lady.

Peaches can be stored in iFood for 6 weeks at 0-2 °C followed by opening and stored at refrigeration temperatures for 7-10 days. iFood packaging prevents wooly breakdown often found in the industry today.


The varieties packed in iFood include Summer Grand, Red Glen.  A shelf life of 6 weeks at 0-2°C followed by opening and storage at refrigeration temperatures for 5-7 days can be achieved.

Successful distribution from Chile to the USA has been achieved.  

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