iFood Systems Assembly and Sealing Machines

The IFS carton must be airtight to be effective…To ensure IFS cartons are hermetically “tight”, they must be assembled using our tray forming machine.  This proprietary machine was developed to IFS’s specifications and replaces the folding machines standard throughout the industry (Cloud management features are designed into the folding machine so IFS can monitor usage and troubleshoot them remotely from any location).


IFS Automated Folding Machine

  • Folds and glues 18-22 Cartons per Minute
  • Assembles proprietary IFS designed cartons, which require 30% to 40% less corrugate than standard industry cartons.

…and hermetically sealed

After packing, the cartons are covered with our patented PET coated plastic lid and hermetically sealed with IFS tape by our proprietary sealing and labeling machine. This machine, an entirely new specification designed for exclusive use, ensures that sealing tape is consistently applied and tampering is evident.

IFS Automated Folding Machine

  • Hermetically seals lids to cartons at 25-30units per minute
  • Compatible with high volume packing operations


Produce is protected from microbial growth in the modified atmosphere environment. Humidity control prevents condensation which also leads to inhibition of decay. The entire package is sealed into the finished IFS unit using a labeling machine – also a proprietary IFS design.