The agricultural industry has been plagued by the problem of waste, shrinkage and geographic limitations for the delivery of fresh product. Several different solutions have been tested over the years with little success. After several years of research and development, iFoods has developed a System that can change the industry forever.

The practical application of Modified Active Atmosphere Packaging (MAAP) requires a reliable system for handling, washing, drying and protecting the produce to maximize the benefits of MAAP for growers. Over time, the founders have developed multiple core components of the IFS technology to assist in reducing the obstacles and barriers in the existing supply chain. Fresh food waste is a global issue and IFS quickly recognized the importance in discovering groundbreaking Ag Tech methods in order to help reduce the global crisis.

IFS was developed to realize the dream of a dedicated team of industry leaders to solve the problems of decay, moisture loss and infestation that have plagued the fresh produce industry and ultimately the consumer for decades.

IFS has made a steady investment in intellectual property to protect its core technology. IFS will continue to build its patent portfolio to protect its technology as well as enhance its offerings to the Agricultural Industry.