iFood applications have been used widely in various varieties of fruits, vegetable and flowers. The boxes can be custom made to fit a particular produce. The system requires a shed packing operation consisting of postharvest cooling and grading but in some instances can be adapted to field packing operations.

Some applications may require a pre-packing process for some vegetables and flower varieties.  Some products may require a trimming, washing and drying prior to packing.  Some products must be pre cooled prior to sealing the iFood box but many products can be cooled efficiently in a sealed box.  Temperature management during storage and distribution is critical for the success of this system but product can be efficiently re-cooled after temperature abuse situations.

The benefits of the iFood system are product, country and application specific.  It ranges from large cost savings replacing air shipping with sea shipping to quality attributes in flavor, color, odor, appearance and improved yields to moisture retention.


iFood’s packaging has been used to ship fruits, vegetables and flowers both domestically and internationally.

  • Peaches, nectarines, cherries, grapes, and blueberries have been shipped by ocean freight from Chile to Canada and Europe with remarkable results
  • Avocados have been shipped from Mevi Corp. (one of the biggest avocado producers in Mexico) to Japan
  • Cherries have been shipped from Washington State to New York
  • Blueberries have been shipped from British Columbia to Japan as well as from Chile to Rotterdam by ocean freight
  • Fresh-cut roses have been shipped from Zimbabwe to the Netherlands and from Colombia to the USA by ocean freight

These are just a few examples of the many shipments done around the world using iFood packaging. In all cases our system has produced excellent results with produce and flowers arriving 21-30 days at their destination with little to no weight loss and the product looking and tasting as if it was just picked. iFood Systems has received letters from several industry growers and packers affirming the high quality of the produce.

Independent third party and Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada Laboratories have tested our system and have validated the significant extension of storage/distribution life and maintenance of produce quality.