Field grown or greenhouse grown tomatoes are often transported great distances to market. Field grown tomatoes are often shipped green and require a ripening and regrading process that adds significant cost to the product. Harvesting of more mature fruit can eliminate the need for duplicate handling and repacking. Greenhouse tomatoes are often harvested in a more mature stage and require packaging to maintain ripeness without becoming overripe. Commercial trials of shipping Mexican and USA tomatoes via ocean freight to Japan, Guam and South Korea have demonstrated an extended commercial life 21-28+ days. The iFood Modified Active Atmosphere Packaging system maintained beefsteak and field grown tomatoes free of desiccation and substantially reduced the incidence of decay. Firmness, ripeness, fruit colour and fruit acidity were retained over the extended storage period and provided an enhanced, uniform fruit eating experience when shipped at colour index 4.5 (UC Davis colour chart). In addition, the accelerated ripening after removal from Controlled Atmosphere storage was not evident in fruit held in the iFood MAAP system.
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